Advertising Specifications

We like to make life easy for our wonderful advertisers, so we have come up with a guide and sizing templates that tell you all you need to know when providing advert graphics to our media team.

Templates are a great way to guide you in terms of size for your adverts. Click here to download our range of JPEG templates for your adverts. Just click the link to view the template and then download by right clicking on the image and selecting "save image as" from the menu, into your chosen folder.

Want a top spot Main Banner Advert?

We need your banner ads supplied in two sizes to ensure that it can be viewed perfectly no matter what device is being used. By clicking on any of our adverts will link straight through to the website URL provided.

728px wide x 90px high – required for desktop viewing
468px wide x 60px high – required for smartphone/tablet

Going for a Side Advert?

We offer two sizes of side adverts - the sizes for these have no impact on viewing on your chosen device, so don't worry!

300px wide x 250px high
300px wide x 100px high

Advert Formats but not sure what the difference is?

We need to have your adverts and graphics in one of the following formats:

PNG – (Portable Network Graphics) This is the standard format for many graphics and provides good image compression whilst maintaining quality.

JPEG - (Joint Photographic Experts Group) This is the best format for photographic graphics/images providing good compression. (This may also be preferential over .PNG files for gradients so it's worth testing which of the two gives you the best quality image at the smallest file size.)

GIF - (Graphics Interchange Format) Use this format if your graphic only contains flat colours (ie no Photographs or colour gradients)

How BIG can my file size be?

Anything up to 100kb is fine with us!

I'm a bit stuck as I don't have any graphics or an advert already made!

Not a problem! Our media team can put your artwork and content together for an additional charge. We can agree this all with you as per our T&Cs.

What info should I provide?

At the very least we need a visual image or logo, the words you want to appear and a URL, email and/or phone number.

If you are all set and ready to upload for your advert, please click here to submit your advert.